web projects

A few years back, I started hacking around with using the web for various purposes - some serious, some for my own amusement. The following lists a few I've worked on at various points:


The server you're currently looking at - my main web server. Since many of these pages are "general use" pages, and need to be accessed by a lot of people, using a wide variety of browser technology, I've had to balance techno-weeniedom with "portability". My latest prototype is a quick-loading vision steeped in Javascript and CSS. For more detail on the server, and how it is configured, click here. Oh, and why "canuck"? Simple - I'm a born and bred Canadian (howsitgoin, eh?)

hypertext-based 'discussion forum'

I'm convinced that hypertext-based 'bulletin boards' are very useful for managing discussions about various technical subjects -- more so than standard 'maillists'. I've implemented one such system, focused on discussion of the analysis of data from marked individuals. The forum can be found here.

online books

I've written a couple of books on mark-recapture (and related techniques), most recently on program MARK. The individual chapters are basic Adobe Acrobat files, packaged in a fairly intuitive 'web site'.

scientific meeting web pages

I frequently help construct website for 'scientific meetings'. The sites are designed to be easy to use, provide all the right information, and to be as automated -- and simple to maintain -- as possible. A good example is the EURING 2021 conference. The site (which is based on the same template as this website) uses file uploads, binhex encoding, CSS, smart re-directs, and a few other whizzy things (or, things that were whizzy went I first constructed the template).

software for population analysis

A commented list of different software applications for analysis of data from marked individuals (mark/recapture and so forth). One of my very first web pages, and it shows... :-) At some point, I'll update it.